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Folsom Street Fair 2013

Folsom Street Fair is one of these weird events where you look forward to it for months, count down the weeks as it gets closer, get your outfit ready, get your shopping list ready, make your plans to see your friends (and maybe get some play on), work out all the logistics, get more and more excited as it looms nearer, talk about it with all your friends
And then the day comes, you get there, it's just as awesome as you knew it would be, your outfit looks great, your shopping goes great, you see all your friends (and get some play on)...
And then a few hours go by and you're like

Seriously, the one big fat piece of advice I can give to newbies on their first trip to Folsom is get there early. The fair opens officially at 11:00 (I think), but you want to get there at 10:30 by the latest, 10:00 if you can manage it. By 1:00, the place is packed like a six-foot sleeping bag in a nylon tote. You can't walk two fucking steps without having to turn sideways and smacking into some naked guy's willie.

But it is wild, and crazy, and one of those things that should definitely be on everyone's bucket list. San Francisco is a pretty hedonistic and kinky city by nature, but during Folsom, the kink is ON, and so is the exhibitionism.

This year I went with a gang from Folsom Fringe, a conference I attended during the two days leading up to the fair. I'll talk about the conference more in my next post, but one of the great things about Folsom Fringe is that it offers bus service to (and from) Folsom Fair. No Caltrain for me this time! I got to ride with fellow kinksters all the way! Girls were getting spanked, guys were taking off their clothes, and a babygirl sitting across the aisle from me gave a Daddy a blowjob during the ride. It was awesome.

I took the first bus to the fair, so when I got there, the place was still pretty empty.
See how much room there is on the street, how easy it is to walk? Ah, nice. But I still had not come early enough to catch the pony parade, which pissed me off no end, because my Lady Vicki was in the pony parade, and I missed seeing her.
Over on 8th street, I ran into a camera crew filming. At first, I thought they were filming a specific booth, maybe for a commercial or interview; then I realized they were taping scenes. I asked one of the crew, and he told me the whole booth was a fake, and they were there filming scenes for a new HBO show called "Looking."

So here's the thing: I didn't know one of the actors I was seeing was Jonathan Groff, who apparently is a major name among Glee fans. If I had known, I would have focused in on him, and taken more pictures. To all the Jonathan Groff fans out there, I AM SORRY. Believe me, I understand what it would be like if I found out someone was standing right next to, say, David Tennant, didn't know who he was, and didn't take pictures. In my defense, it was a madhouse, and security was tight. They were not letting anybody (except the extras) get any closer than I was standing to take these pictures.
My favorite part of the whole thing was when one of the camera gals looked around with this wide-eyed look and murmured, "these people are real."
Yes. Yes, we are real. Tee hee.
After that, it was time to move on.
I found the religious booth and said hi.
Most of the booths were already set up, but Kink.com doesn't have a booth, they have a stage. Their stage was still empty. They don't start hoppin' until later.
There were already demos going on at other parts, though. This group, SoCal Shibari, is amazing.
The great thing about Folsom is that you see all kinds: Masters and slaves, Owners and pets, Sadists and their human toys, and those who just come out to dress up and play. This guy came with his three babygirls.
And this guy came out with his baby boy.
Someone brought this cute puppy to the fair, and left her in the kennel. Yes, there really is a human kennel set up at the fair. (Two, I believe.)
I had some shopping to do, so I started hitting the toy booths.
This was the same booth I admired last year, that I had planned on going back to for some more shopping, only I never got the chance. I didn't make the same mistake twice. This year, I got my stuff.
Then I felt like I could just walk around, enjoy the fair, and meet up with friends. Some of the outfits were incredible.

Some of the booths were selling stuff I was not in the market for, but still looked beautiful. These guys make chain mail, and it was really fascinating (and well made).
These guys were selling "make your own flogger." I wondered why no one had thought up the idea before.
Of course, there's a lot of play going on around you. Some of the booths offered spankings for free.
Some of the play going on was to showcase the equipment.
And some of it was for fundraising.
By then, the streets were getting crammed, and it was getting harder to walk.

So I decided to take a looksie around Mr. S Leather—a really great leather and kink store—say hi to some friends, and call it a day.
A lot of the people who were on the bus going back with me were the same people who had been on the bus getting there. They were wiped out, too.

So what did I buy? Take a look:
A new pair of cuffs, a new gag, and a new sex toy.
I needed a new gag cause I keep chewing through them. I hope this one lasts a bit longer.
I got the cuffs, cause, well, you need a variety of cuffs, don't you?
And the toy...when I saw the toy, I thought it was supposed to be an anal plug. I asked the woman if she had one with a smaller head. She said no, but told me it's not supposed to be a butt plug, it's designed to be a dildo. They call it "The Juicer," because it makes women squirt.
How could I not buy it, after hearing that?
I plan on trying it out as an anal plug, and a dildo. I will keep you guys informed about my results.

So that was my Sunday.
How was yours?
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