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Believe Him

When he wants to hurt you, he'll tell you how much he wants to hurt you.
So when he tells you how much he wants to comfort you, be there for you, and hold you in his arms…believe him.

When he wants to humiliate you, he will find a way to humiliate you (probably with the greatest Mind Fuck yet).
So when he tries to build up your self-confidence by praising your skills, and whispering words of encouragement in your ear…believe him.

When he thinks you look like shit, he'll tell you you look like shit.
So when he tells you you look beautiful, that your smile lights up the room…believe him.

When he thinks you're behaving badly, he'll tell you you're being a brat, and to fucking stop.
So when he tells you how proud he is of you, how impressed he is with your grace, poise, and charm…believe him.

When he wants to say something negative, he will say something negative. Because he is not coy, or evasive, or reserved. He does not engage in the passive-aggressive bullshit you learned growing up.

He is honest. He is straightforward. He speaks his mind. This trait stems from his assertiveness—one of the things you love most about him. He is sincere, but never cruel. He can be abrasive; never abusive.
Even when his words are harsh, they are truth. You believe them.

So when he says beautiful things to you, words of praise and applause, words of flattery that make you feel uncomfortable because *that isn't right, he can't be talking about me, I'm not that person, I'm not that smart or funny or beautiful*…believe him anyway.
His words are truth. He would not say them otherwise.
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