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The maid behaves bad again...

...very bad this time. As you may noticed she had to wear a chastity device. Somehow she was able to get a spare key for that little neat metal cage that kept her in chastity. Whatever she do to cheat on me, this is over now. First she recived of course a strict punishment. I had to use the whip again. But to keep the maid reminded about her position i decided to take a more strong, and longterm punishment. She found herself tied up, only able to do small steps and movements with strong secure ropes. And then a special device was used.

A orgasm denial device. This device was attached to the maids hips and cover her male organ with tube. The maid will be unable to touch her self or do anything else. But the device will do its work. Before the device was attached i help the maid a bit to get a errection - and that was quickly managed. Then it was placed in the tube. A special stell ring encased the place directly under the glans. This ring is able to detect if the erection gets to low. In the case this happens the tube is filles wih warm water which is pumped with a lot of pressure through the tube, giving the maid some stimulation. Also the ring detects when the maid is near to get a orgasm. It stops then immediatly any actitvity and the maid is left without release. After some sessions of the device the maid understand what happend and immediatly starts to behave better. One of the points of the old theory of orgasm decial on males proofed itself very fast:

"There’s the authority factor where you get to be in complete control of a man who is sexually aroused. This control is both a mental and physical control because he will know that you have the power over his release. He can’t cum without your say so."

Only after a hour i hear already pleading and begging to release the maid from it. Of course for behaving bad and to learn again a very good lesson it was required that his punishment will last a bit longer. Maybe a day or maybe several days.

To distract the maid a bit from the device. Which was of course not really possible she was ordered to keep on with her daily chores. But restrained as she was, i allow her to care only for the paintings in the house. Therefore she had this neat duster attached to the gag...

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