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From the male maid perspective (1)

As i mentioned before i allowed our male maid to write down her story. In her own words and wit her own thoughts. She finished now the first chapter and i exchange that with you. Please be aware that the male maid is not a native english speaker (as i am also not) - and she used an translator to change it in english. But i think it is understandable and interesting. Here we go:

Here I am lying in an incubator. I feel like my diaper is wetagain. Wet with my urine. I just woke up this morning and atnight must havewet the diaper again. The mittens that I wear make it impossible for meanything to the get rid of the diaperto make. To get red from it, of this unpleasantfeeling of cold moisture.It's quiet in the house - no one is there. I am alone in my little world thisincubator. Even though I do not really want it, I Nuckle on the pacifier in my mouth, the only job I have. Thoughtsgoing through my head. How did we get here. I'm not a baby, I'm a 28 year old maleOr I was. Everything is so disturbing, so different.How did I get in here? To when it all started a day in my life I regret every minute in which I spend so damn hereto helplessness.

But how did it happen? Why am I here? It was four months ago, I was living my old life. 28 years old, a real man, a footballplayer in the professional league. A lot of income. Every night when we had no football game we had wild parties. That was my life. Ihad a lot of pretty women - mostly for one night. I was accustomedto take for me what I liked. Maybe I was not thefriendliest person, but I had money and prestige. Then I ran into this woman on the way, she was a little older and somehow especially dressed, she exuded an elegance like I never knew before. It interested me, and I wanted to have her. But she only showed me the cold shoulder. Sheeven taunted me, I said should firstlearn a behaviorbefore they would talk to a Lady like her. Can tolerate such behavior a real man from a woman? No!So I decided to get my self what belongs to me.

 I grabbed a knife from her kitchen and threatened her -and took me what I wanted ... 

After i finished and get myself what i needed. I thought not about what had happened . I fell asleep and was happy once again.

The next morning I woke up ... but something was different - I was dressed,and was in another building. Not at home I pushed down the blanket, and I was horrified.I wore a dress. A long dress. Then I noticed that I had something around my neck.It was made ​​of metal. It was a steel ring that encircled my neck firmly. I tried to strip the ring but it was impossible. I felt that at the back was a lock. I panicked. A thousand thoughts went through myhead. I looked at the dress again. It was a maiddress. What was that? Who has dressed me like this? Only a moment later,the mystery was solved. She entered. It was the woman with whom I had fun yesterday ....
to be continued...

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