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Learning to be pleasureable (3)

Christines education to be a real pleasureable woman goes on. Now it was time to learn another postion to make love. To be in the doggy position. It started again on the machine upstairs in my house. Christine was undressed and had to wear some sexy lingerie. Besides the corset that stays always on. She was bound to the chair. This time she does not complain. Maybe she starts to enjoy this kind of education?

She started to complain as I had to insert the big dildo gag agian, which would keep her silence in the next hours of beeing pleasured by the dildo from the machine. She was brought in the right poistion and then, the plastic introduer did its work for the next hours.

She was left alone in her misery. But was it really misery for her?

After several hours on the machine it was time to get some more intense practice. Christine was freed from the device and brought, still gagged to our bed.

Through use of my strap-on, and of course more lively postions the girl get a more indepth lesson on beeind pleasureable in a doggy way.

One of her male teachers was also satsified at the next night, about how improved chrsitine now is in making love.

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