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The 20 Wackiest Sex Laws in the United States
From bans on moose sex to laws against owning more than six dildos, here are some highlights from the list of crazy.

Ever wonder if your bedroom antics are legal? Thanks to a new flashy info-graph by io9.com who have separated the most outrageous and wildest sex rules and regulations from the urban legends, you can now check it out for yourself!

Derived from a number of credible  legal sources, here are the top 20 wackiest sex regulations you’ve ever heard!

1. NEBRASKA: If you have gonorrhea you are not allowed to get married.

2. WASHINGTON: If you give a sex worker a ride to work, you lose your car.

3. UTAH: No marrying your first cousin…until you’re 65 years of age.

4. CALIFORNIA: It is illegal to sell stuffed items resembling breasts within 1000 feet of a highway.

5. TEXAS: You can’t own more than six dildos.

6. MISSISSIPPI: You cannot explain polygamy to anyone, period!

7. NORTH CAROLINA: You can’t pretend to be married to share a hotel room.

8. VIRGINIA: Obscenity is a bigger crime if you use a computer. What the?

9. NEW HAMPSHIRE: No hanging lingerie on a clothes line near the airport.

10. OKLAHOMA: Bar owners must not allow simulated animal sex.

11. ALASKA: Moose are banned from having sex on city streets.  Thanks for clearing that one up!

12. ILLINOIS: If you sell a reptile, you must give a written warning not to “nuzzle or kiss them”.

13. INDIANA: It is illegal for a man to be sexually aroused in public.

14. LOUISIANA: Necrophilia (sexual attraction to corpses or sex with dead people) is legal.

15. IOWA: Kisses may not last for more than five minutes.

16. MICHIGAN: Low riding pants that expose underwear are a Class B offense. But if they expose “butt cleavage” they’re a Class A offense.

17. KANSAS: Illegal ‘sodomy’ includes oral sex, but anal penetration with a finger is allowed under specified circumstances.

18. COLORADO: Male massage parlor workers must wear all white clothing.

19. ALAMABA: Incestuous marriages are legal.

20. NEW YORK: Adultery is illegal

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